Brain Cancer Awareness


National Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Miles For Hope is a non-profit organization located in Clearwater, Florida and was founded by Barb and Bob Gibbs to fund brain tumor research and to provide travel assistance to brain tumor patients enrolled in brain tumor clinical trials. This organization has done great work to establish May as National Brain Tumor Awareness Month and help organize community services and charitable works to benefit the noble cause of defeating brain cancer.

Our Purpose

Through hosting our annual charitable event “Pandapalooza,” we hope to do our part to raise awareness about the social and psychological impact of battling with a potentially terminal illness. A recent study describes a stroke survivor whose loss of identity, reassignment to easier tasks,  and feelings of being “half a man” mirrors the experience of many brain tumor survivors. It is our hope that by spreading awareness about these challenges, we can improve the rehabilitation process for all survivors.

Did You Know?

Approximately 700,000 people are living with primary tumors of the brain and central nervous system in the United States today. That is up from an estimated 615,000 people living with a primary brain and CNS tumor in the United States in 2004.

Eye Opening Facts

Brain tumors are the:

  • Second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under age 20.
  • Second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in males ages 20-39.
  • Fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in females ages 20-39.


If you would like ideas on Go Gray campaigns or fundraisers you can host in your own community, we encourage you to contact the Miles for Hope organization at (727) 781-4673 and they will be delighted to assist you. While it is great that May is nationally recognized as Brain Tumor Awareness month, it is important that we all do our part to continue to raise awareness and funding for critically needed brain cancer research all year long. Together we can make a difference.