Our “Green” Initiative


About Complete Answering Service’s “Green” Initiative

Going “Green” isn’t just a fad for our company. It’s built into our culture and helps drive us to make the world a better place. Our “Green” initiative has given Complete Answering Service the opportunity to discover a number of ways where we can actively make green contributions towards a better environment. Programs such as recycling, paperless billing, and green office supplies are just a few ways Complete Answering Service supports waste reduction, environmental conservation, and improved energy efficiency.

How We Do It

Changing habits is not an easy task, but practice makes perfect. We begin by raising awareness of environmental issues through educating our staff on the importance of “Green” business practices. We pitch content to our employees using unique presentations with relatable recycling and conservation statistics. This helps our staff develop a sense of responsibility to make eco-friendly choices and in turn, realize the power they possess in shaping the surrounding environment.

Recycle at Work

Complete Answering Service’s entire staff proudly took the Recycling at Work Pledge to increase recycling of paper material within the workplace. Shredders and recycling bins are strategically placed around the office for paper, plastic, and aluminum. Infographic posters are displayed to reinforce our green initiative, remind our staff about the impact of trash, and highlight our latest and greatest efforts to improve our community.

Work from Home

Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools make effective telecommuting a reality. Telecommuting works for over 44 million Americans (not to mention many of our valued phone operators), effectively cutting the energy and time spent on commuting by 20%.

Green Office Supplies

We believe in the mantra “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.” By providing our employees with recyclable office supplies, Complete Answering Service helps reduce municipal waste and save energy to conserve natural resources. We have also made an effort to become more energy efficient by installing energy-saving light bulbs and dimmers in all of our conference rooms, office spaces, and training areas.